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Thanks to this company, players from all over the world can enjoy a wide range of high-quality blackjack games. Most brick and mortar casinos have transitioned to standard unfavorable rules like 6: Open M-Th, 24 hrs F-Su. Dealer doesn't peek under Bets are regularly accepted at various stages of the game:

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Get Best Casino Bonuses Below Are you ready to win cash playing online blackjack for real money? Have you practiced the basic rules of blackjack and gotten comfortable with gameplay. At this point in your evolution as a blackjack player, you may have played a routine game for fun with friends and family, or even dabbled with playing for real money online. Perhaps your level of play has improved to the point where you feel comfortable and confident enough to set up a bankroll and play live casino blackjack.

However, before you jump all the way in playing online blackjack for real money, there are a number of important factors to consider. This guide will help you to get the best online blackjack action when playing real money blackjack apps on your phone or online casino games on your computer. Whether you are planning on playing at a land-based, brick and mortar establishment or an online casino, there are a number of important factors you must consider before putting your hard-earned cash on the blackjack table.

When playing online blackjack for real money, spending a little extra time conducting due-diligence in researching a casino will pay off handsomely. Remember, your personal and financial information hangs in the balance, so investing some extra time is well worth the protection it will afford you.

Knowing the difference between a legitimate online blackjack gambling operation and a scam can be difficult, because even a bogus online casino can have a professional-looking website, and that can be misleading.

The bottom line is this—choose to play at a reliable and reputable casino. Use the following guidelines to help solidify your choice of where to play real money blackjack online. Most of the well-established online casinos will be affiliated with leading software providers. After all, reliable gameplay is what keeps these casinos in business. These software providers develop casino game packages that they license to many different casinos.

So who are these big names? Among the largest and most trustworthy of the blackjack game developers are:. Most casinos now make blackjack tables available through mobile apps. These apps are the best way to play blackjack on mobile devices such as Android and Apple phones and tablets.

Nearly every casino that offers a mobile app supports Android, and most also support Apple iOS as well. A good range of them also have Windows mobile apps. Older devices are sometimes not capable of upgrading to a new enough version of the OS to run the casino apps. This will vary by casino, but general rules of thumb for minimum OS versions needed to run real money blackjack apps are:. This means you play their games through a web browser instead of downloading an app.

This can work on older devices, but the downside is that this method usually has the smallest range of games and the most limited features. It mostly depends on your method of payment and withdrawal. Players who have banks that restrict transactions with online gaming sites can get around this by purchasing certain types of prepaid credit card. Casino apps may also have a direct interface for e-wallet services like Skrill and Neteller, but some will ask you to go into the e-wallet app and simply make a transfer to them using contact information they give you through their app or site.

There are usually minimums and maximums for deposits and withdrawals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Each casino has different terms. There are two overall steps to making sure any real money casino app is reputable: The biggest factor in online security is the jurisdiction in which it is located.

Some countries are much more strict in their regulation of online gambling than others. The best territories include the United Kingdom and its whitelisted protectorates , the legal casinos operating online in the United States in states like New Jersey and Delaware , and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission based in Canada.

In addition to checking on the gambling commission that regulates the casino, check on the reputation of the company that supplies their blackjack software. See if they have independent third-party testing of the fairness of their blackjack games from a reputable agency like eCOGRA.

You also need to secure your end of the connection. The first aspect is using a mobile device that has a modern and secure operating system. For example, as the KRACK WPA2 exploit of revealed, mobile devices running older versions of Android are particularly vulnerable and cannot really be secured outside of upgrading the operating system to a more secure version. KRACK also made clear that you need to be very careful about the connection you play on, especially on shared connections.

Your home wired connection, or a home WiFi system secured with a good password that only family has access to, is unlikely to be penetrated by attackers. Public WiFi at Starbucks or the airport is a completely different story. It is always a good idea to avoid transmitting any personal or financial information over such public networks.

Most brick and mortar casinos have transitioned to standard unfavorable rules like 6: Most online casinos that feature blackjack have an array of tables that keep the house edge to somewhere between a mere 0. As mentioned before, classic 3: Mobile is the hottest sector in the online gaming industry right now, and a number of casinos are offering added incentives to players who opt to use their mobile apps.

That means you easily could find lucrative online blackjack bonus offers and play for real money. The iPhone and iPad are always top of the line technologically when they are released, and you can expect mobile casino apps on iOS to have the highest-quality interfaces and graphics. Live streaming blackjack is also no problem with these powerful devices. One important tip is to look for apps that are specific to your device type. Many casinos have both an iPhone and an iPad app; they are different in that they are tailored to best present the game on each set of hardware, for example taking advantage of the larger screen space on the iPad.

However, searching iTunes for real money gambling apps can be messy and frustrating. PayPal is the king of the e-wallet options. You can fund your account with direct deposits from your bank, or by accepting credit card payments or direct PayPal fund transfers from other people.

You can then transfer funds from Paypal to your online casino account at no charge, or you can link a credit card to your PayPal account to make payments through it with an added layer of security. The problem for players in the United States, Canada and Australia and regions with similar online gambling laws is in finding a casino that they can use PayPal at.

PayPal complies with the laws and banking regulations of their host countries, so if you try to make a transaction to a known online casino, odds are it will be blocked.

For example, players in the United Kingdom can fund their online casino accounts with PayPal and are strongly encouraged to do so. Many other countries throughout Europe also allow PayPal transactions with casinos. Want to play blackjack with an actual dealer, but retain the advantages of online games? Live streaming blackjack is for you. A live dealer is set up in a remote location and deals cards to the table; the gaming software converts the actual cards dealt at their end to virtual cards at your end.

Aside from a live human dealer dealing from a shoe of cards, everything goes as it does in the standard online blackjack game.

The dealer is the only one who is ever on camera. If you want to ask the dealer a question or make a comment, you can enter it into a text chat window. You can also use this to call a pit boss, who will appear on camera to address any concerns. Live dealers help to make the sometimes tedious grind of playing long hours of blackjack much more pleasant. Live dealer games do tend to have higher table limits since their cost of operation is much higher than the standard video blackjack game.

Of these, the most favorable to the player is their single deck game, which at a BoVegas is a new casino that looks to provide a Vegas experience from the comfort of your home. A variety of daily deposit bonuses also keep things interesting, though some are ineligible for blackjack play. Though Ignition is often thought of as a European casino, it is actually based in the Kahnawake Gaming Commission territory in Canada, and thus welcomes players from the United States and Canada.

The blackjack offerings are more limited here than at other places, but Ignition also tends to have some of the most generous signup bonuses and ongoing promotions. Bovada uses a variety of software providers but is unusual among online casinos in striking deals to adjust the games and create their own special branded versions of them. You can count on any casino who contracts with these companies to have a range of fair and well-programmed blackjack tables that offer rules and payouts comparable to those found at the best brick and mortar casinos.

Their Micro Limit Blackjack manages to add some unique wrinkles, like a double bonus for a five-card 21 and 3x payment for drawing three sevens, without significantly increasing the house edge as compared to other 6: Even with that concession, however, the expected house edge on tables where the dealer stands on soft 17 is 0. Double Attack Blackjack has a whole variety of unusual rules.

Eight decks are used, but the tens are removed. The flow of play is also a little different. Each hand opens with the dealer being dealt one visible card, and the player is then given the option to double their bet. The player may also place a side bet that pays out if the dealer busts on their third card, and it pays out an added bonus if the dealer busts with three eights.

One final consideration about software providers is whether or not they allow casinos to individually change payouts and rules. These rule changes can make a big difference: Many online casinos offer attractive promotions and weekly welcome bonuses. It offers an exciting game play and a very low house Blackjack is one of the most favourite games for many gambling enthusiasts.

In order to suit the bankroll and the preferences of each player, there are different variations of the Blackjack, also known as 21, must be one of the most popular offerings at gambling establishments as it poses as the only casino game where the tables are turned, allowing Blackjack is a popular casino game with more than variations thanks to which you can experience it in a completely different way and enjoy it like never before.

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the gambling world and it enjoys a special place in the hearts and minds of players around the globe.

Blackjack is one of the oldest casino game genres in existence and it is enjoyed by millions of players around the globe. Out of the many variations that have emerged The origins of online gambling can be traced back to the s when the first online casino appeared. Back then, the diversity and the quality of the available games were It is a game that is played in a wide array of web-based and brick-and-mortar casinos For years blackjack has been entertaining numerous casino fans from all around the world.

It is one of the most popular games that allows players to test their luck and This is one of the most common variations of the card game and one that dominates When it comes to blackjack, some cards are counted differently than the numeric value on them.

These cards are aces and all face cards — queens, kings and jacks. The ace is considered to be the most powerful card in this card game due to the fact that it can be counted in two ways — either one or eleven. This gives you a significant advantage as you can change the total in your hand according to your needs.

All hands which contain an ace that is counted as eleven are called soft hands because it is not possible to surpass 21 and lose. The second best cards you can get are the face cards which receive ten points. For the rest of the cards there is no special assigned value, meaning that they are simply worth the number on them.

Your ultimate goal is to get cards that form blackjack or in other words, an ace and a card that is worth ten points. The whole gaming process is fairly simple, yet very exciting. At the beginning of the game, each player is required to place a bet in order to participate in it. After that, each player is dealt two cards which are face up. However, it should be noted that this rule varies as there are some blackjack variations in which you will receive your cards face down instead.

The dealer also gets two cards but only one of them is dealt face up. The other card which is face down is referred to as the Hole card. In order to play your hand, you can choose from several moves — hit, stand, double down, split, take insurance or surrender. The last two options are available in only some variations and thus, it is not always possible to take advantage of them.

If you wish to draw another card in order to improve your total, you can hit. If your chances of winning are decent, you can also take advantage of the doubling down option and make the size of your bet even bigger. If you happen to get two cards of the same rank, in most cases, you are allowed to split them and form two separate hands. When available, you can take insurance or in other words, place a side bet and insure yourself in case that the dealer has blackjack.

For this reason this side bet can be only placed if the up card of the dealer is an ace. Surrender can be another option which you can take advantage of, depending on the variation you are playing. In some blackjack games, if the up card of the dealer is a valued one or an ace, you are given the opportunity to surrender.

In such cases, the casino takes half of your bet and the other half goes back to you. As previously stated, blackjack is one of the most played games which has an impressive number of variations. Throughout the years, more than versions have emerged , each one offering exclusive features and interesting rules.

You can enjoy various blackjack variations and play this casino game in a completely different way. You can greatly diversify your gambling experience by simply trying any of the available variations. Pontoon, Blackjack Switch, Double Exposure, Bonus Blackjack and Multi-hand Blackjack are some of the most exciting variations that can be found in both offline and online casinos.

There are actually two variations of blackjack that share the same name — Malaysian and British Pontoon. The latter is predominantly played in the United Kingdom and it is very similar to the original blackjack game. Malaysian Pontoon resembles Spanish 21 more than the classic game and it is popular mainly in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. You can tell these two variations apart very easily as all you need to do is to have a look at the terms that are used for the moves.

In British Pontoon, in order to hit and stand, you respectively twist and stick. The basic rules such as the assigned value of the cards and the objective of the game are exactly the same as in the traditional blackjack. In most cases, British Pontoon is played with a single pack of cards which makes this version suitable for card counters. According to the rules of this variation, one of the participants on the table has to be banker. The highest possible winning hand here is 21 as well but this time, it is called Pontoon, not blackjack.

Five Card Trick is the second best winning hand which you can collect during the game. The house edge of this variation is around 0. Blackjack Switch is another extremely popular variation of the game which is offered by a staggering number of land-based and web-based casinos. Its game play is very extraordinary which makes this version worth trying. Its basic rules are the same as in the classic game which is the reason why it is best to first play the original game. This variation stands out from the rest of the versions because it enables you to play two hands at once.

What is more, you can exchange the top cards between them so that you can improve their total. The minimum number of decks involved in the game is four and the maximum is eight. Due to the fact that you can switch cards between the two hands, this variation offers one of the lowest house edges when it comes to blackjack — around 0. However, bear in mind that most casinos have introduced some additional rules that work in their favour in order to compensate for the huge advantage that this rule gives players.

You and the rest of the players sitting on the table are able to see the exposed cards. However, the house edge of this version is higher than the above-mentioned variations — around 0. For instance, since you can see both cards of the dealer during the course of the game, you are deprived of the insurance and the surrender option. In addition, usually this variation is played with eight packs of cards which is highly disadvantageous for card counters.

Also, bear in mind that the dealer wins all ties which is another rule that favours the casino. Some casinos offer a blackjack variation called Bonus Blackjack in which you can place a special side bet. If this wager wins, you receive an exclusive bonus which is the reason why these types of games appeal to a number of players all over the world. Bear in mind that if you decide to take advantage of the blackjack bonus bet, you are required to do so before you receive your first two cards.

However, it should be noted that this bonus applies only on your first two cards that you will get at the beginning of the game. This variation is played with two packs of cards and it is a Hole card game.

Multi-Hand Blackjack is another very exciting variation in which you can play multiple hands at once. It is possible to operate up to five hands simultaneously and the choice whether to do so is entirely yours. At the beginning of the game, you will be required to state your decision.

What is interesting about this version is that no matter how many hands you choose to play with, you have to treat them individually. This means that you have to apply a different strategy and you have to place a separate bet for each hand. In most cases, the table limits are not as high as in the rest of the variations because if you choose to play with multiple hands at once, you will be required to place multiple bets as well. Bear in mind that since you have to apply a different approach for every hand and make your decisions according to its total and the up card of the dealer, the outcome of every hand can be different.

It is possible to win all hands and vice versa. It all depends on your strategy, money management skills and of course, luck. Since blackjack is a skill-based game, in order to become a consistent winner and make a profit in the long term, you have to apply a reliable strategy.

For this purpose, throughout the years, various mathematicians and players have come up with different plans in an attempt to overcome the house edge. When it comes to blackjack, one of the most popular strategies is the basic strategy which was invented by the mathematician Julian Braun in the s.

It is basically a plan according to which you can play your cards and minimise your losses. It takes into account the total of your cards as well as the up card of the dealer and it suggests the best possible move in a particular situation according to these two factors.

The basic strategy is suitable for all types of players, even inexperienced ones and it is a great way to improve your game and have even more fun. Another very popular strategy which is used predominantly by more advanced players is card counting.

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