Is it Legal to Play Online Blackjack in the US?

A player going over 21 automatically loses. If you play blackjack for recreational purposes using fake money, it is quite legal and you should be free from any legal persecution. I would also be afraid of the casino having my credit card or other banking information. Visit SrBenelli photo album. Originally Posted by Mickey D. We also offer pages on Canadian online blackjack and Australian Online Blackjack. Yes, there is nothing illegal about playing online blackjack for real money, even if you live in the USA.

7 Things You Need To Know About Playing Online Blackjack In The United States

Top Casino Offering To Play Online Blackjack Legally In The United States

Wow that is a monster. Even a small one is very lethal, but that beast is a leg breaker for sure. I can tell you from experience that they aren't worth a flip. When I was a young LEO 30 million years ago, I bought a 10 inch texan lead filled sap to carry in my back pocket on duty. One night my partner and I got into a brawl at a bar and I chased a dirtbag outside that had popped me upside the head as we was cuffing his friend. He was backing away from me when he backed into a tree.

He turned his head to see what he backed into and I hit him upside the head with the sap twice. He turned and just looked at me and the fight was on. During the rolling around on the ground fight, he got the sap away from me and took a swing.

I caught it with my left hand breaking a finger. I was in the process of unsnapping my service weapon when my partner saw me from across the field and fired a shot in the air. The shot scared the guy and he ran off with my sap.

I never bothered to chase him. Never bought or carried another sap. Bought a shock baton after that. In most areas saps, black jacks.

As for mere ownership that depends on your local laws. If you want one just to have one in a collection how is any L. Properly used a sap or preferably a black jack should be a fight stopper every time. Just remember if you take a swat at someone with one you are using a dangerous and deadly weapon, so make sue you are justified in doing so.

I was trained, years ago, you don't hit a suspect anywhere above the elbow, unless your life is in danger NOW. Last edited by old bear; at I enjoyed the story about the blackjack but have to disagree, with respect. I carried one for years until my agency banned them and it saved my bacon on more than one occassion.

Originally Posted by cmort Last edited by ispcapt; at I've been told that they are regarded as a firearm when it comes to carrying. I live in WV and haven't seen anything concerning thier legality when I looked it up.

I'm not looking to carry one, but if I run across one in a trade, I'd like to make sure it's legal to own. View Public Profile Find all posts by J. Find all threads started by J. In my state, they are legal to own, but not carried concealed. It is state by state, and even jurisdiction to jurisdiction. I personally liked mine, when we were allowed to carry them.

I really liked the sap gloves can't carry them anymore either - Sigh. Funny though, I'm alowed to carry a mini Monadnock Defender since it is considered an expandable batton; it fits a "sap pocket" pretty well and can be used like a sap. Last edited by ASA; at Originally Posted by ispcapt. IL LEOs can legally carry saps, blackjacks, etc. However, violating dept policy is not a criminal offense. A person cannot be sent to jail for violating dept policy. They could be disciplined up to termination but it's not a criminal matter.

The example you gave has nothing to do with either the statute or violating dept policy but the use of excessive force. A completely different matter entirely and unrelated to the weapon. Violating dept policy is not a federal crime either.

What you are describing is a Civil Rights violation which is a federal crime. The type of weapon used is irrelevant. It's the violation of civil rights by use of excessive force that causes actions. That could be by hands or other personal object and doesn't matter the type of weapon used. I started as a cop in At that time lot of the older guys around here still carried saps or blackjacks in the sap pocket of their uniform pants and did so until about '84 or '85 when such weapons were specifically prohibited by policy.

Most of the guys used them as a backup impact weapon, in case they bailed out of the car in a hurry and forgot their straight baton. I bought a Bucheimer "Convoy" blackjack and another model with a lighter weight.

One of my older mentors who worked for the Sheriff's Department told me to use the lighter one. I carried it as a backup until policy changed. This same guy had been in a battle with a drunk sometime in the late 70s and ended up hitting the guy along side the head with the edge of a flat sap by accident and just about tore the suspect's ear off.

No lasting repercussions from that, but he immediately switched to carrying a lighter weight round blackjack with the spring as a result. I saw him break a guy's collar bone with it in the parking lot of a road house one night when we went to a fight at bar time. I still think a lighter weight blackjack may have utility in some applications. I traded another old timer a black GI wool sweater for his sap gloves. Only used them once, breaking up a fight in a parking lot outside a bar.

A strong punch to the sternum stopped a guy who wanted to fight me dead in his tracks. Which was good, because I'm a big boy and he was about the same size and a lot more muscular and certainly meaner and I think I would've been in trouble if he'd have gotten his hands on me or landed a few punches.

I guess I might need to add to my story that the bar we was in was know for its drugs back in the 70's and the guy was probably loaded with Qualudes. I did carry a 5 cell Kel-light that worked pretty good on ones head when needed but once tied into a guy selling Qualudes out of his vehicle on the side of the road. When the fight started I had him in a headlock with me beating him in the head with the light with no effect.

There was so much blood on the ground that one would have through there was a hog being killed. A couple of airmen from Ft Rucker came and helped me hold him down to get the cuffs on him. I still have his mugshot in my scrapbook. He looked a conehead with bandages from the ears up. The Blackjack on the right is a "Convoy". Yes it is "Effective".

The punishment was of an administrative nature, separate from his Federal prosecution for civil rights violations. The Barnes and Noble book weights are a thinly disguised leather sap of an older style.

Legal in NY but don't try to take it on an airplane. A librarian got taken into custody for carrying on an airline. I don't know the final resolution of that case. My sister bought me one--she was completely naive and thought it was a good book weight. Originally Posted by sipowicz. Last edited by Mickey D; at This is my key chain fob; paracord braided over a 2 ounce egg sinker.

I also have a Texan like the one bottom right; and something similar, but not matching one of the smaller ones in the top row: Make your own sap perfectly legal until used.

Buy several rolls of Saran Wrap. Start by rolling a piece into the smallest tube you are able. Add more wrap until it is about 1" thick. This makes a perfectly excellent sap. You can peel off the bloody parts after each use and still have a nice clean surface. This is an amazingly damaging cudgle. You can explain its existence by saying your collect your old Saran Wrap for re-cycling.

Indeed, if you pack a lunch you can make yours from the used wrap. Originally Posted by Mickey D. I'm surprised LASD allows to possess, as per pc they are illegal to possess. No reference to LE exemption. Ok, I'm a SAP! Last edited by sipowicz; at I did note what you said. You somehow tried to link dept policy as if that had any relationship to the CR porosecution. Federal prosecution has nothing to do with dept policy.

If a LEO is convicted of action then getting "dinged" by a dept for violating policy is the least of his problems. If he did federal time then violating policy is not even on the scope because he wouldn't be a LEO.

What did CPD do? Did they give him a 30 day suspension while he was serving his 3 yrs in fed pen? As for their effectiveness, saps are mean mothers I would not want to be hit with one I have carried a beavertail sap and a spring sap in plain clothes but I was never confident in how hard to "slap" and when necessary, only tried to " tap" with the edge of the beavertail. I never tried to hit with a spring sap 'cause I was afraid I might cause a skull fracture.

I was out on a stolen car at Ft. I had the light on my right shoulder and was illuminating the perps Drivers License when he got "squirrelly" with me and tried to"push me off"[quess who was packing]I snapped my wrist forward and layed that Kel-lite upside the left side of his head. I wasn't trying to crush his skull and thought at the time it was an "attention getting" tap. Well, the knurling and weight of that Kel-lite,[and maybe a little adrenaline] peeled a 3"x 4"patch of his "rug' off to the bone and nearly tore his left ear half off!

If you've ever seen a head wound you know how much blood can flow. The "brother' had a very interestning scar to show off when he got to the Ft Leavenworth Confinement Facility. I'm not sure if he, or I,were more scared! I was afraid he was going to bleed to death!

At that time , I finally understood the Military Police doctrine that a night stick is a punching ,thrusting weapon NOT a swinging baseball bat. Cwo4usc, that braided paracord looks great.

It actually prompted me to look up how to do it. Visit Ocean Resort Casino. Every blackjack game offered by New Jersey casinos has a house edge under one percent. Most New Jersey online blackjack games are generic. They often use six or eight decks that they shuffle after each hand.

Players may double down on any two cards and after splitting at most virtual New Jersey blackjack tables. Surrender is available at a few games. Live Dealer Blackjack is the latest innovation to sweep the NJ online casino market. Real-life dealers are used to run these games, and physical playing devices are used, so naturally the action is a little slower than playing a digital game — although not so slow as at a land-based casino. For more on Live Dealer Blackjack and other Live Dealer games, check out our comprehensive overview here.

The rules for the blackjack game itself vary a bit. Pala Casino hits soft 17 and does allow surrender. The five side bets in the game are identical. The side bets are in addition to the standard blackjack bet. The side bets are optional but the player must make the flat bet on the actual hand. Players can bet as many side bets in one hand that they wish. The game only pays on a blackjack but offers some favorable rules to offset this. Double down before and after splitting is permitted.

The house edge for this game is 0. No New Jersey online blackjack game has a higher advantage for the casino but it is still better than the games in Atlantic City. The small minimum bet takes some of the sting out of the higher house edge.

Pala Casino offers a unique game where multiple players on the sit at the same table. A single player can begin the action. Multi-Player Blackjack does not require multiple participants. Eight decks are used that are reshuffled after each hand.

Players may double down on any two cards and after splitting. The dealer hits soft The house edge is 0. Most of the games are slots, although blackjack is also spread. Mobile apps do not offer as many games as the PC versions. There will generally be one or two blackjack games with basic rules that include the options to hit, split and double down before and after splitting.

Insurance is also available on New Jersey blackjack apps. Online blackjack is much faster than live blackjack.

There are also more games available online. Side bets that are not available in Atlantic City may be found on the Internet at regulated sites. Online blackjack shuffles after each hand. This is actually advantageous to players that are not expert counters. Be sure to check out our free guide to winning at online Blackjack. We break down the various strategies and help you get the edge. Get a full breakdown of the online casinos with the best Blackjack games. There are about a dozen Blackjack variations online in New Jersey.

Which version is best for you? Betfair offers the best online blackjack table, which is also the best game at all New Jersey Internet casinos. That is Single Deck Blackjack. Players can double when the first two cards are 9, 10 and 11 only and not after splitting. This means that the player acts before the dealer gets its second card. This changes how players should act when the dealer is showing an ace or a face because it does not check for blackjack before a player doubles down or splits.

The player loses all splits and double bets if the dealer ends up with blackjack. This game only allows double down on two cards when the total is 9, 10 and 11 and not after splitting.

Card Counting and New Jersey Law

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