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After online casinos were running for several years and internet speeds increased, a new option started to become available at online casinos in Europe: Ezugi is currently the first and only licensed and regulated supplier of live dealer games in the US. After putting your bet, the primary round of cards are dealt. Players can hit until they choose to stand or go over However, unlike with computer-dealt Blackjack, it can potentially happen. Because the cards are being dealt by humans and shuffled either by hand or by an automatic shuffler, hands take much longer than ones dealt automatically by a RNG.

Live Dealer At Golden Nugget Online Casino NJ

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This feature, more than any other, bridges the gap between online play and playing in a real casino and has to be experienced to be believed. It is hard to imagine that so much is possible on the screen of your computer or smartphone; you will almost be tricked into thinking that you are indeed playing at a real table in a real casino.

He admitted that the dealers are hired more for their eye candy than their extensive gaming knowledge and experience. What counts is that they are beautiful to look at and have a beautiful smile.

Currently the games are available daily, but only between 3 p. Eastern Time , which the casino finds are its busiest periods, with the most traffic. Depending on the response, there is a strong possibility that the operating hours will be expanded. Every new venture has to start small before building on its success, and this one is no different.

The Golden Nugget live dealer platform includes four games:. Look for more information about the poker variant here. Of course, if you wish to bet more than the minimum on live dealer blackjack, then a wide range of higher bets are also accepted. Players can occupy two hands at a time at the same table, and multi-tabling is not allowed. With proper play and a little good luck, you definitely can win.

The following are the important game features:. The rule that the dealer must hit rather than stand on soft 17 works against the player because it gives the dealer additional opportunities to turn a mediocre hand into a better one. On the other hand, the Late Surrender option, which no Atlantic City casino offers anymore, helps the player a little. The payouts for this game are 6: More specifically, in order to win, the combined hand must be a flush , straight , three of a kind , straight flush , or three identical cards.

Keep in mind that these side bets have a higher house edge than the standard blackjack bets. Although there is no extra advantage to the player statistically, many players would probably like this option.

It also keeps them engaged while waiting for a spot to open up at a full table. As you are probably aware, blackjack is a game where the outcome is determined by a combination of both skill and luck.

However, unlike the other forms of blackjack that you can play online on GoldenNuggetCasino. Therefore, if you are new to blackjack or your skills are rusty, be sure to familiarize yourself with basic strategy before you start playing. By the way, many players wonder if card counting works for online blackjack, so here is your answer.

Ordinarily, the games use a continuous shuffling machine that shuffles the cards after every hand, so card counting is pointless.

In the Golden Nugget live dealer blackjack game, rather than the cards being shuffled after every hand, they are shuffled when the cut card comes up , which is about halfway through the eight-deck shoe.

With so many cards never being dealt at all, the likelihood of having a reliable count high enough to provide meaningful information about the high-low distribution of upcoming cards is extremely unlikely. However, unlike with computer-dealt Blackjack, it can potentially happen.

Golden Nugget Online Casino offers a variety of ways to play this popular game, including both American Roulette and a more favorable version of the game called European Roulette. The difference is that European Roulette has only one zero on the wheel, whereas American Roulette has two—both a single zero and a double zero. The addition of the double zero raises the house edge from 2. Unfortunately, at this time, the only form of live dealer roulette that is available is American Roulette.

Dragon Bonus Baccarat offers an optional side bet which pays out not only when your hand is a natural winner, but also when it wins by a large margin. You can make this wager in conjunction with either a player bet or banker bet. However, the house edge is substantially higher with a bet on banker.

If you choose not to place the side bet, the house edge remains low as is typical for baccarat. While these three games comprise your current Live Dealer options, depending on player interest, Golden Nugget could be adding other games soon.

We will keep you apprised of any new developments, including the possibility of additional betting options on existing games, too, as well as expanded hours based on player demand. As of this writing, the only supported devices are iOS and Android smartphones. However, play on tablets is expected to be available soon.

Loyalty points based on play on any of the three live dealer games are earned at the same rate as your play on other table games. Online live dealer offers an immersive experience different from anything you have encountered before. Like the other Live Dealer games, it can be played for real money only. Here is the breakdown of the recently-launched live dealer games at Betfair:.

For the majority of the time that online gambling has been popular, there were two distinct ways for traditional casino games to be dealt:. The first method is simple to understand — physical cards are dealt by real people to other real people. The RNGs typically used online are quite a bit more complicated. A vastly simplified explanation is that a random number is generated by a server, and the number generated correlates to the cards which are to be virtually dealt to players on their computers and mobile devices.

The card data is then sent via the the internet to those devices by encrypted messages which cannot be easily interpreted — even by experts. After online casinos were running for several years and internet speeds increased, a new option started to become available at online casinos in Europe: However, some people who are skeptical of random number generators determining the fate of their gambling bankroll feel better about knowing that their cards have been shuffled and dealt by a human being.

As you can see, there are plenty of positives and negatives. The only way to know if live dealer online tables are for you is to try them out and compare the experience to more typical RNG-driven tables.

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