honestly guys, why does it seem like blackjack is rigged?

I'm one of the unluckiest live blackjack players ever I wish I could tell you more, but I have seen my share of big players win big. At this point its become a novelty to show my friends Like the dealer getting 10 blackjacks and they finally throw you one. Funny, It Worked Last Time But a player who took the time to track enough hands would be able to see it in the statistics eventually.

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There are also some sites that have live black jack. Perhaps they are legitimate, but I would have my suspicions there as well. You should redefine that Dec 28, Threads: January 12th, at 7: Jul 22, Threads: Oct 14, Threads: First, warning given for profanity.

Next time you'll get a suspension. Second, in an hour if you played fast you could bet hands. That would have a standard deviation of Let's assume you can expect to lose 3 from the house edge. The probability of losing another 57 due to bad luck is 2. The probability of luck that bad or worse is 2. Tree , Apr 27, The Chaperone , Apr 27, Its an easy answer BJ is rigged in the house's favor from the get-go. It should be obvious that the dealer winning 7. So, why is the house edge only 0.

Splits, doubles, and blackjacks. HockeXpert , Apr 27, Haunted Games - boo! I played 7 hours at 6 different casinos the other day. During good counts or bad, I have never been served so many 15's and 16's. I doubt it was a 2-sigma event, but it sure seemed like it. One table filled up with customers just as the count went skyward.

On one round, six hands were in play: There were many other rounds with 20's all over the place, and 16's for me. Good casinos would much rather you win every now and then and keep coming back for more than lose 10 straight hands and swear it off for life.

I'm one of the unluckiest live blackjack players ever I play perfect strategy and yet in my life honest to God I've had about 5 winning sessions to losing ones. At this point its become a novelty to show my friends I can't claim that the cards being dealt live right in front of me are "rigged" just because the dealer ALWAYS gets a face card to my 14s and 15s.

That's just the game, and it sucks sometimes. Or for some people, all the time. I can only dream of a run like that. I thwarted that, though, by inventing a little trick about five years ago: Reset the supposedly random RNG, etc. Made it "more fair. There are a few that play fair, the one one I can think of that I remember is the old Crockfords online casino, and the old Harrods online casino. They were the only 2 places where the cards seemed the same as land based BJ.

Every other place ive played its obvious that when you press deal, the software decides whether you will win or lose and manufactures appropriate cards. These "computer generated to win or lose cards" are so obvious to any serious land based casino player it sticks out like a sore thumb.

I have lost hundreds and thousands of dollars playing this fixed game and now i tell every book i play with to block my casino access due to my compuliveness.

I will, however, say that I have played at betphoenix and although i lost there too, it does seem at least legit because it is a live game with a live dealer. I always WIN everytime I wager smaller than my usual one and when I turn it higher my lucky will be dropped down It's like a pattern of them.. I dont know if online BJ is fixed or not. But how many times have you been with a live dealer at a Casino and the dealer just mops everyone up? But the cards are all right in front of you.

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