There is lakeside crossing which is the only part of the zoo where fee is charged. See penguins, meerkats, sloths and lots more critters, and learn important steps you can take to help fight animal extinction. Looking for other attractions in St. Best Zoos in the US: Kids will also have the chance to touch and feed parakeets and goats, ride the carousel and join in on a motor safari. They also have the first natural gas-powered zoo train in the US and the endangered species carousel. Looking to learn more about Chicago?


Top 10 Best Zoos in the US

A zoological park is a location where animals are kept in captivity for study and viewing. The zoo originally evolved from the menageries of the ancient world, in which royalty would exhibit their collection of exotic pets. These were hardly the scientific institutions we may find today. Unfortunately not all zoos are scientific in nature, and extreme controversy has arisen regarding how the animals are treated.

Suffice to say, regulation is necessary to ensure proper care. Conservation not exploitation should always be the central goal behind any legitimate zoo. Rocky Mountain National Park. So what is the best zoo in America? What would be your top 10 zoos in the US? This wonderful zoo is spread in a large area of acres.

Milwaukee Country Zoo is home to more than 3, animals belonging to species. This zoo is famous for breeding of polar bears and siamangs in captivity. The major attractions in the Milwaukee Country Zoo are divided into different exhibits. The other facilities in this zoo which is one of the best zoos in the US is a Safari Train which is a rideable miniature railway which is really very old.

This is used for taking to visitors around the zoo starting from Memorial Day and ending to Labor Day. Fort Worth Zoo is our 8 th pick in the category of best zoos in the US. It is spread in an area of 64 acres and cares for different species having more than 5, animals.

This zoo was started with only a few animals but now it has developed a lot and also accredited by Association of Zoos and Aquariums. There are different exhibits in the zoo dedicated to different types of animals. There is also a museum of living art in the zoo. It houses 5, different animals belonging to species. This zoo runs several conservation programs for endangered species of different animals like turtles. It is spread in a good area of 76 acres and cares for 3, number of animals from different species and subspecies.

This zoo is situated in Memphis, Tennessee in United States. There are total three different zones which keep up with 19 exhibits. The zoo has invested a lot in making the habitats which resembles a lot to the natural habitats of animals but are actually quite modern.

In one of this best zoos in the US, there are different types of exhibits. Top 10 Most Expensive House in the World. Toledo Zoo is one of the oldest and one of the best zoos in the US which was established in It is situated in Toledo, Ohio in United States.

It covers an area of 51 acres under which is cares for 4, animals of different types of species. Toledo zoo is also a member of Association of Zoos and Aquariums and it participates in over 30 species survival plans. The Toledo Zoo is unique in many ways and hence attracts a lot of visitors annually. This zoo is the first in the world to have hippoquarium and it has also featured the first video of a hippo birth. It was also the first in the world to display the Kihansi Spray Toad.

There are various exhibits here dedicated to the different eras. Top 10 Largest Country in Europe. This zoo is spread in an area of 75 acres and is home to more than 1, animals from species and subspecies. Denver Zoo, Denver We love the broad range of exhibits at the Denver Zoo—kids can learn about and feed animals in the Be a Zookeeper Zone, splash around in the Explore the Shore play area and get up close and personal with tigers, rhinos and other critters in special animal encounters.

Beardsley Zoo, Bridgeport Spend your day at the Beardsley Zoo learning about endangered and threatened species, including tigers, wolves, anteaters and condors.

Check out their event lineup, offering everything from Earth Day parties to educational programs for toddlers. Brandywine Zoo, Wilmington Located in a scenic spot on the Brandywine River, this gem of a zoo is guaranteed to be a family favorite.

Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta In the course of an afternoon at Zoo Atlanta, you can take a stroll through an African rainforest, have an up-close encounter with a giant panda and watch the animals chow down on their afternoon snacks. Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield Get an up-close look at bottlenose dolphins, gentle giraffes, sea lions and lots of other animals at the Brookfield Zoo.

Kids will also have the chance to touch and feed parakeets and goats, ride the carousel and join in on a motor safari. Indianapolis Zoo, Indianapolis The Indianapolis Zoo was the first in the United States to be accredited as a zoo, aquarium and botanical garden by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and today your crew will love seeing some of their 1, animals.

Des Moines, IA Online: Sedgwick County Zoo, Wichita With a world-class tiger exhibit, a gorilla forest and a penguin cove, just to name a few, this fantastic zoo really has something for everyone. Check out the learning programs for kids of all ages, including overnight Creature Campouts for adventurous animal lovers.

Louisville Zoo, Louisville Make a trip to the Louisville Zoo to get a close-up look at rhinos, wallabies, grizzly bears and more animals. New Orleans, LA Online: Mount Vernon, ME Online: Take a stroll through the acre deer forest and ride the Woodlands Express train through the North American Elk habitat and wetlands.

Detroit Zoo, Royal Oak With more than 2, animals over acres, animal lovers will be in heaven at the Detroit Zoo. Royal Oak, MI Online: Apple Valley, MN Online: Hattiesburg Zoo, Hattiesburg Discover animals from around the world as you trek through the Hattiesburg Zoo, from ostriches to alligators to porcupines.

Louis An adventure is always just around the corner at this wow-worthy zoo. West Yellowstone, MT Online:

America’s 10 Best Zoos

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