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The curriculum covers studies in anatomy, physiology, musculoskeletal physical therapy, pathophysiology, orthotics and prosthetics, differential diagnosis, critical inquiry, among others. The program dates to during World War I to provide physical therapists in Army hospitals. The second year focuses on topics such as neuroscience, neuromuscular disorders management and a clinical practicum. Campus Location Multiple Locations. Successful graduates will be eligible to sit for the national board exam to become licensed physical therapists.

Best Colleges for Physical Therapy (PT) Programs 2018

Physical Therapy Degree Programs and Common Career Paths

Aspiring physical therapists at Long Island University's Brooklyn campus spend 11 academic terms of full-time enrollment to earn their degree, which requires credit hours of study and 35 weeks of clinical experience. LIU Brooklyn is also one of the larger schools in our top 10, so it might be right for you if you're looking for a physical therapy school with a bustling atmosphere.

The curriculum you'll study on the way to finishing those hours includes a good mix of classroom instruction and clinical sections, including such subjects as movement analysis, therapeutic exercise, clinical reasoning, neuroscience, cardiac and pulmonary pathology and health promotion and wellness. Select courses are available on weekends and in evenings for those with daytime responsibilities during the week, and alternative tuition payment plans exist for students whose budgets require some flexibility as well.

The final year of the six-year program contains specialty courses that can help you enhance your skillset, such as clinical electrophysiology, adult neurology and pediatric physical therapy. A few entry-level careers exist for physical therapy graduates, but it's uncommon that someone starts a pre-PT program and doesn't follow all the way through to the terminal degree.

Here's some info about the top degree for physical therapy students and the career that requires it. You may not be able to know everything about your chances to land a solid job in physical therapy, but keeping an eye on employment projections can help you stay on top of things and avoid surprises.

Here are a few quick data points about the physical therapy career market. Scholarships and grants for physical therapy students may be offered through federal, state, institutional or private sources.

Check out these other financial aid opportunities and see if any apply to you. Renewable if recipient maintains a minimum 3.

To be included in these rankings, all schools must meet the following initial criteria for the specific subject being ranked. Based on those criteria, we ranked all 2-year and 4-year schools in IPEDS that reported data for all of the following points. Ratings are calculated on a point scale, using the weights specified. Department of Education, https: Department of Labor, accessed October 17, , https: Click here for free info about The University of Findlay.

Click here for free info about University of Mary. Click here for free info about Idaho State University. Click here for free info about Saint Francis University. Click here for free info about Dominican College of Blauvelt.

Click here for free info about D'Youville College. Click here for free info about Carroll University. Click here for free info about Ithaca College. Click here for free info about LIU Brooklyn. Click here for free info about Springfield College. The University of Florida is located in Gainesville, Florida and has an educational presence in the area since This graduate program results in a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

The entry level program is a three-year course of study which includes credit hours in didactic and clinical study; and, a minimum of 36 weeks of a clinical rotation. Offered part time, this degree may be completed via distance learning. The university was founded in and has a current enrollment in excess of 29, students. Coming in with a 10 ranking by U. Students will cover anatomy, principles and procedures in PT practice, musculoskeletal diagnosis and management, evidence based practices, adult neurological management, geriatric management, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, advanced orthopedic PT and a capstone project as well as a clinical practicum.

Calling Columbus, Ohio home, Ohio State University was established in and has grown to a robust, public school with an undergraduate enrollment of over 45, students. The university holds accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. Eight semesters in length, this requires coursework in gross anatomy, the musculoskeletal system, psychosocial aspects of disabilities and injuries, physical therapy management, public policy and management and clinical practicum experiences.

The University of New England, located in Biddeford, Maine, was founded in and is a private institution with more than 30 undergraduate and 13 graduate programs. UNE has been recognized by U. This Doctor of Physical Therapy two-year program studies medical imaging, anatomy, muscularskeletal conditions and management, evidence based practice practicum, pathophysiology and pathology, cardiopulmonary, pediatric, neurologic and orthopedic physical therapy.

There is a clinical practicum component as well. Located in Kansas City, Kansas University was founded in and has a current enrollment of over 26, students. The university is ranked in Regional Universities by U.

With coursework encompassing anatomy,neurology, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, clinical clerkship and internships. The University of Minnesota dates to and has been ranked in the top by U. The DPT curriculum includes the benchmark courses in anatomy, physiology, neurophysiology, etc. This DPT degree requires a capstone project and the final three quarters are devoted to clinical internships. The university has been ranked 54 as a National Universities by U.

With an enrollment in excess of 45, students, the university has academic departments housed within the 19 colleges of the university. The University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore, provides an entry level Doctor of Physical Therapy degree which focuses on the fundamental sciences, clinical experience, examination and intervention skills. Curriculum offerings include evidence based practice and studies in musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and medical issues.

The third, and final year, emphasizes a clinical internship. The school has 25 academic departments and has currently enrolled students in the Physical Therapy Program.

The entry level program requires applicants to have a baccalaureate degree in any field other than physical therapy. The DPT curriculum includes human anatomy, clinical inquiry, professional issues and case management, biomechanics, pharmacology, evidence based practice, diagnostic imaging and procedures, a physical therapy capstone project and clinical education.

Graduates are eligible to sit for the national exams in physical therapy for licensure. Graduates will be prepared to screen, examine, evaluate, diagnose and develop rehabilitation plans for patients. The DPT will be qualified to practice independently or in a group facility, as well as work as an evidence-based practitioner. The school has a small academic year admission rate, admitting up to 28 students per year. The Mayo Clinic has a rich heritage dating to when the first clinic was established in Rochester by William Worrall Mayo, following his tenure as an examining surgeon for Civil War draftees.

Through the years, the clinic has expanded to Arizona and Florida and more than a million patients are seen annually at one of the Mayo Clinics.

The curriculum focuses on clinical sciences, critical inquiry, scientific foundations, professional practices and clinical experiences. As an entry level degree, students may have 45 hours of prerequisites to complete; and, the school offers approximately clinical sites throughout the country and abroad for internships and clinical experience.

Columbia University is ranked 5 in National Universities by U. Coursework for this degree includes normal structure and function of the human body and principles of movement science, pathophysiology and disease processes, musculoskeletal rehabilitation as well as adult neuro rehabilitation and pediatric rehabilitation.

Emory University holds accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and has an annual enrollment of over 13, students. Housed in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, the curriculum for this degree includes studies in movement sciences, brain and body, evidence-based practice, diagnostic imaging, musculoskeletal and neurological patient management, physical therapist interventions and clinical internships.

The program utilizes a team based approach and students develop professional collaborations with colleagues in the medical and nursing schools and those in the physician assistant program. Students are able to get hands on experience in one of the following specialties are:.

Graduates would receive the DPT and a Ph. Pitt DPT program length: The final year of the program includes a yearlong clinical internship that is integrated with the University of Medical Center and its affiliate the Centers for Rehab Services. Placements are offered in a variety of clinical offices.

Students receive a monthly scholarship to help offset tuition costs during the one-year internship. Students will also complete part-time and full-time affiliations during the three-year program. This program is designed to follow the DPT program. Washington University DPT program length: Students will have hours of part-time clinical experience during the first two semesters. At the end of both the 2nd and 3rd semester, students will complete an 8-week full-time clinical internship.

After the 4th academic semester student will have a week internship followed by a week internship. While it is not required, students are given the opportunity to participate in ongoing faculty research, and to work as research assistants and summer research assistants. Students can apply for the Pre-Doctoral Research Training program that has limited availability; the program requires a one-year commitment on a faculty guided research project as well as requiring that students participate in interprofessional seminars.

This program is intended to lead to a Masters of Science degree in clinical research — tuition support and stipends are available. Emory DPT program length: The part-time clinical experience are 2 weeks each, beginning in the 3rd semester and continuing through the 5th semester. The 6th and 7th semesters will include three full-time clinical experiences of weeks each. Students must take elective courses in an area of their choosing: This program includes two years in the DPT program with a long-term clinical affiliation and the third year will be in the business school.

Northwestern DPT program length: Students complete 6 weeks of clinical experience in the first year of the program and 6 weeks in the second year. The third year of the program has two clinical experiences at 13 weeks each. All program students will participate in the Synthesis Project that will extend throughout their curriculum.

Physical Therapy Program Accreditation and Our Ranking

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