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Hitting a Royal Flush and taking down the jackpot is what video poker is all about, but to make things even more exciting, some video poker games like Joker Poker pay out even more when you make a Sequential Royal Flush. Only bad things happen when you lift cards off of the table. Cookies help us deliver our services. Like video poker, these are simplified versions of the game, but there are several differences — especially when you play live, which involves interacting with other people. Casinos have rules, procedures, and points of etiquette that can trip up players on their first few visits — or at least confuse and mystify them.

Overview of Video Poker

Figuring Out What Games Are Available

Wait for the big blind The big blind is the largest forced bet at the beginning of a game designed to stimulate betting. The player who has to contribute the big blind rotates one position to the left after each game. Use this time to watch your opponents, and get a feel for the way they are playing. It's amazing how much some players reveal if you just pay attention. Most players tip the dealer when they win a pot. This is not required, but if the dealer is doing a competent job, you should tip.

Dealers are like waitstaff in that they make most of their money from tips. A sample plan would be to tip the dealer. Also, you can watch what the other players are tipping to get an idea. Remember though that every dollar that goes to the dealer is reducing your winnings. You should be able to come to a happy medium with experience. Act when it's your turn. Never act before your turn. This is very poor etiquette and can change the outcome of a hand.

The other players will understandably get upset with you. Make sure your cards are in plain sight. It is a good idea to place a chip on them to show that they are still live and protect them because the dealer won't take them when the chip is on them.

If you leave your cards unprotected, the dealer might muck them mix with discards by mistake, and there is no way you can retrieve them. Most players keep their hand on their cards.

When you win a pot the total amount of money bet in a single game , don't reach for it. Let the dealer push the pot to you. Do not surrender your cards until the pot has been awarded to you on a winning hand.

If you aren't sure whether you have the best hand at the end of a round, turn your cards face up, and let the dealer read the hands. If the dealer makes a mistake, it can often be corrected. If you throw your hand into the discard pile often called the " muck " , you are not eligible for any of the pot even if you made a mistake and had the best hand. Don't throw your chips into the pot called "splashing" the pot. Place all bets in front of you, and let the dealer pull them into the pot.

Here are the payouts for Jacks or Better when betting one coin:. The payouts rise in proportion to the number of coins you bet, with a twist: You get a super-big jackpot of X when you bet the maximum five coins and make a Royal. The house gets the other 0. You should always obtain a value of 1 when you add those two percentages together. Now that you know the risk and the reward for the game you want to play, you can calculate exactly which moves to make.

Or you could let someone else do it for you. Savvy players have already used the power of computers to figure out the precise optimal strategy for every video poker game there is. Newer players are recommended to start with these simplified strategies and build from there. Jacks or Better Hand: You have an outside Straight draw , also known as an open-ended draw, which will pay out at 4X if you draw an Ace or a Six.

Your Pair of Aces is guaranteed to pay out at even money. Forget about that, and keep the three cards to a Royal As-Ks-Ts. Once again, you have three cards to a Royal Qc-Jc-Tc , but you also have an inside Straight Flush draw when you include the 9c. Keep the Nine and go for that easier hand instead. Mobile Video Poker Guide. You can play virtually every game at Ignition on your mobile device, including our wide range of video poker games.

You can use the Practice Play mode to hone your skills, or jump in right away and play video poker for real money — now that you know how the games work and the secrets behind building an optimal video poker strategy. To learn more, consult our FAQ sheet, our Help guide and our growing library of video poker wisdom here at Ignition. Bonus Deuces Wild 1 Hand. Bonus Poker 1 Hand.

Bonus Poker Deluxe 1 Hand. Double Bonus Poker 1 Hand. Double Double Bonus Poker 1 Hand. Double Double Jackpot Poker 1 Hand. Double Jackpot Poker 1 Hand. Jacks Or Better 1 Hand. Jacks Or Better 10 Hands. Jacks Or Better 3 Hands. Jacks Or Better 52 Hands. Joker Poker 1 Hand.

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