18 Hole Crazy Golf!

Unlike the fairways at full golf courses, mini golf places focus on putting. Aiming and shooting is pretty simple, but get used to hitting shots of different speeds and see how the ball responds. The total par of an hole course is usually around The Oracle of Ur - Collector's Edition. There are many variations of these basic principles, some of which are explicitly described in the "Rules of Golf" and are therefore regarded "official". Once every player has brought a ball into play, it is always he or she whose ball is the farthest from the hole who is to play next. These courses are always available, and the list will grow over time.

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Mini Golf Madness How To Play

This game only works on your computer. The game is now in your favorites! Login or Join now to add this game to your faves. Something went wrong, please try again later. Description Another genuine beauty of a flash game from Dave - 18 tricky holes of purely perilous putting You need to be signed in to post a comment! Join for free or sign in. It's all fun and wacky Pogo treats in Mini Golf Madness! Love playing Mini Golf games?

Want to practice your putting skills while having fun online? Take it to the hole! The basic goal in all Mini Golf games is to sink the ball into the cup in the fewest shots possible, and Mini Golf Madness is no exception to that rule.

The fewer shots it takes to sink the ball, the better your score and the more Tokens you'll win. Trial time is subject to change. Free Pogo account required. Trial is limited to one per free Pogo Account. Valid wherever trial is available. You cannot access earned Badges or Badge Albums after your free trial ends unless you purchase a Club Pogo membership.

Play FREE online games! Make friends and play free online games at Pogo. Trademarks belong to their respective owners. Register or Sign In. Start Game Register Free. Whoops sorry there appears to have been an error retrieving your friends. Your browser does not support iframes. Secret in the Shadows. Enjoy multiple hole courses of this wacky Mini Golf game, with exciting powerups, 5 exclusive rank badges, and unique course badges for each course.

Play a new, randomly populated course every week, and keep coming back for entirely new courses, too!

Play relaxed in this no time limit, online Sports Game of Mini Golf. All-Star Football 0 Now Playing! The grass of the putting green is cut very short so that a ball can roll over distances of several meters, and "to putt" indeed means to play a stroke on the green where the ball does not leave the ground.

Its position on the green is not static and may be changed from day to day. This hole on the green has a flag on a pole positioned in it so that it may be seen from some distance but not necessarily from the tee. It is also termed "the pin" and a hole is measured from the tee to the pin, usually in yards.

The borders of a course are marked as such, and beyond them is out of bounds, that is, ground from which a ball must not be played. Special rules apply to certain man-made things on the course obstructions and to ground in abnormal condition.

Every hole is classified by its par. The par of a hole is defined by the distance from tee to green. Typical values for a par three hole range from to yards m , a par four hole from to yards m , and a par five hole from to yards m. Par is also the theoretical number of strokes that an expert golfer should require for playing the ball into any given hole.

The expert golfer is expected to reach the green in two strokes under par in regulation and then use two putts to get the ball into the hole. Many hole courses have approximately four par-three, ten par-four, and four par-five holes.

The total par of an hole course is usually around At most golf courses there are additional facilities that are not part of the course itself.

Often there is a practice range, usually with practice greens, bunkers, and a driving area where long shots can be practiced. There may even be a practice course which is often easier to play or shorter than other golf courses.

Mini Golf Madness Tips and Tricks

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