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A bizarre letter from the Mayor of Port Providence arrives asking for help investigating the mysterious disappearance of a missing ship, which has suddenly reappeared without crew or cargo. During her first attempts to solve the case, Charlotte realizes that the reports in the local press about an alleged curse may be more than local folklore.

Her encounter with a hooded figure in the supposedly abandoned shipwreck, along with other seemingly impossible events, reinforce her belief that there is more going on in Portsmouth than meets the eye. Detective Austin must discover the link between the abandoned ship, Devil Island, and the unsolved murder of a local family. Could be, I never made one yet! Decide and place your bet! I bet… and I shall sign herewith my humble name; My child shall overcome each tainted libel claim.

The same Latin root can engender very different meanings in different languages. Whereas in English it means to humiliate. This is a real false friend for Romance language speakers like me I would enjoy being friended back so that I might see other things that you are writing. I'll add that I don't have the education to actually keep up with some of what you have to say so I'm just enjoy the leanring. I make a distinct here between education and intelligence.

I have not read many philosophers and I am not educated in the classics. Thank you for your kind reading. I have added you to my list of friends. I'd love to be privy to the full body of your journal. I've been browsing through your archives. I would like to read more of what you write, but don't want to clutter your friend's list with my prose. Ever the intellectual anarchist. I'd be saddened to find anything else. Odd what can be found searchin the net for old friends Personal life has been in upheaval over a divorce and custody issues for about 5 years.

All done with the technology business. One old 's house that i'm rebuilding as time and funds allow. Ride a Harley Road Glide now. Very sorry to learn about your fathers demise, i've thought of you and he much over the years. I suppose I envy your relationship with him. My father has been on life suport for almost 2 weeks now. He appears to be making a slow recovery from severe pneumonia.

I have mixed feelings about the whole situation. Are you still riding in LA? Contact me thru my email, kbmotosport gmail. I don't know what exactly constitutes an application for reciprocity or whether I am particularly fond of that concept , but I've signed up for your journal, and you are more than welcome to read mine - I think we have some interests in common. A cursory search for refernecs to Brodsky in LJ via Google due to lack of skill im navigating anything beyond the parking lot has led me here.

Haven't had time to peruse the pages of this journal, so the request I am about to make might be quite misdirected end of disclaimer. Would you happen to have access to Brodsky's poem published within the last few years in the New Yorker, which reads as a letter to a General. Any help would be appreciated.

Here are the search results for Brodsky http: I was lured in by your Baudelaire treatises which are of great aid to me since I'm in the 2nd year of comp. I doubt the system of reciprocity would function with my humble journal on the other end, but I throw in a pretty picture or two, or some personal derailed passage, once in a while. That would be all, thanks for your attention, bye!

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