Which Bond movie is best? The definitive 007 film ranking – from awful to awesome

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Reilly who encounters an incredibly successful gambler, Sydney Philip Baker Hall. More than 2, games Accepts bitcoin. And if you have questions about a slot game or playing some blackjack, you can do it all from your casino account. Click here to claim your welcome bonus! Released to coincide with the spy's 40th anniversary, it turned out to be less of a celebration and more like watching your uncle try to dance at a wedding.

24. Casino Royale (2006)

25. The Gambler (2014)

Tom Cruise plays the role of Charlie, a young man who befriends his long-lost older brother, Raymond, who is autistic.

After learning that Le Chiffre, a man who finances terrorist organisations, plans to raise his funds in a high stakes poker game, is sent by the British Secret Service to play against him, in order to topple the organisation. Ben Campbell, played by Jim Sturgess, is a gifted student at MIT, but is in desperate need of cash to pay his university tuition bills. Seduced by the cash and the lifestyle, Ben joins a group of talented students who use their maths knowledge to win hard cash at Las Vegas, all under the watchful supervision of professor Micky Rosa, played by Kevin Spacey.

Most bachelor parties are full of a bit of debauchery, but the men in The Hangover take the night to a whole new level. Rain Man fans will love the scene spoof from the movie, as Alan mimics Raymond at the Blackjack table. After one wild night in Vegas, the guys wake up hungover and with no memory of the previous night. The List Love is the home of high quality top 10 lists on everything from movies and TV to history and science.

We offer interesting, entertaining posts to broaden your mind and smile. Follow us today on Facebook and Twitter for more amazing listicles! Released in , this minute American crime drama will make you want to hit the strip in Vegas. Ace believes he plays by the rules, but his best friend Nicky, who is a Mafia underboss, cheats and steals to win. Ginger, who is a prostitute also lies her way to the top but her success lasts as long as the other two. We watch the rise and fall of the criminals as they come into power within the first 60 minutes and are crushed by the FBI and other mafia bosses — which will keep any desire to explore the reality of this world in check.

It is based on a true story previously documented in a book by Ben Mezrich — of course embellished thanks to Director Robert Luketic and screenplay writers Peter Steinfeld and Allan Loeb. The film follows M. T student Ben Campbell Jim Sturgess , who is incredibly studious and wants to gain a scholarship at Harvard but learns the expenses the school will incur to become a doctor over the next five years means it will be unachievable.

As Ben is coming to terms to with the situation, his math Professor Micky Rosa Kevin Spacey , approaches him to join a small club he has created. Ben joins with the strict criteria he will only participate until he makes enough money for Harvard, and they head to Vegas where they put their skills into play. Real money blackjack players — you can find a huge suite of 21 titles at Emu Casino. This film starring some of the biggest actors and actresses in Hollywood is timeless. Director Steven Soderbergh allows us access into a group of con artists, with George Clooney taking the lead role playing Danny Ocean.

Baccarat players — A casino heist is every players dream but stick to this casino game for a low house edge and high payouts at Royal Vegas to avoid any jail time. Matt Damon has appeared in quite a few classic casino movies, but this time he stars in one of the best gambling films on the list.

The story kicks off with Mike McDermott Matt Damon promising his girlfriend Jo Gretchen Mol he will withdraw from a high stakes poker ring to focus on law school. When his best friend Worm Edward Norton gets out of jail he ropes Mike back into the underground poker ring due to the debt Worm owes. This classic movie featuring big celebrity names explores the addictive personality trait some players may or may not have when it comes to gambling.

Reilly who encounters an incredibly successful gambler, Sydney Philip Baker Hall. Sydney takes John under his wing and teaches him the tricks of the trade.

Players who want to learn about restraint. If you have an addictive personality online gaming allows you to restrict game time. Instead of battling it out with guns, Bond has to beat a criminal banker Le Chriffre Mads Mikkelsen in a high stakes game of poker.

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