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If you enjoyed the movie 21, then you'll probably also enjoy this book. The author is a great mathematician with a knack for explaining how much to bet, how to analyze risk, how to put together a blackjack team, and how to compare one card counting system with another. Lawrence Revere had been a professional player, dealer, pit boss and casino owner since and knew every aspect of the game the way no one else before him had. It evaluates games like 3 card poker, Caribbean Stud and even discusses approaches on the big six wheel and roulette. If you make an inferior play, the game will warn you first. But it's not just a self-help book.

1. Blackjack Bluebook II by Fred Renzey

A Man for All Markets: From Las Vegas to Wall Street

A lay person flipping through it on a casual basis would likely be put off by the page after page of equations and quickly discard it as not being worth the effort. But like most things in casino gaming, the opposite is true. The approaches by Griffin outlined the fundamental proofs that the aspiring game theorist should apply to their analysis of any game they are trying to solve.

Simply stated The Theory of Blackjack was a blueprint for future advantage players to follow when determining what questions to ask when they are developing new strategies. It also provides general directions for the hopeful problem solver. Ken Uston even after his death remains one of the most controversial players in the history of the game.

The book introduces a variety of new concepts like the introduction of a multi level counting system and ace side counts. Gaussian distribution curves on hit frequencies of the most frequent win percentage, as well as comparative analysis between multi level counting systems and single level system are among the new Ideas introduced by Uston in MDB.

I have found something new in the book every time I have read it. Beyond Counting Exhibit CAA is arguably the most advanced text ever written on the subject of Blackjack and the other aspects of casino gaming. It is also one of the rarest. Only copies were printed and you had to be screened by the author and approved to purchase the book. The page book reads like math text book in some places and a sarcastic commentary in others. It evaluates games like 3 card poker, Caribbean Stud and even discusses approaches on the big six wheel and roulette.

I humbly admit I did not grasp every concept on the first go through. Most players, including me, only apply one or two chapters to at a time. The book is presented without a lot of ego or frills, making it a world class instruction manual.

It is designed to teach players all of the ins and outs of the game, helping them to master and beating the game of The book comes highly recommended by other members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, such as Al Francesco. James Grosjean For serious players interested in never-before-seen play techniques this hard to find book may very well be a good investment. The straightforward language is well written, however it is not for beginners as the mathematical analysis and insights are the big draw.

But unlike Griffin he also provides psychological insights that are often over looked and may play an equal role in winning. Advantage Play for the Casino Executive Author: Bill Zender One of the greatest books ever written on the all important basic strategy of blackjack, Bill Zender is famous for being a casino manager, gaming control agent and author. A broad subject range is covered on such advanced topics as: Also included is information on rolling rhythm for craps and roulette wheel bias.

If you want to know what the casinos already do this is must read. Don Schlesinger Considered one of the greatest card counting books ever written several advanced techniques are explained in detail: Schlesinger also teaches you how to evaluate new rules and strategies.

Burning the Tables in Las Vegas: Keys to Success in Blackjack and in Life Author: Both are excellent but the sequel makes our list for priceless strategy advice for the unique issue of high stakes bankrolls. With a forward by Stanford Wong, this is an instant classic for advanced and professional players who want to avoid problems with casinos if you want to be a high roller playing at the professional level. Bringing Down the House Author: Ben Mezrich The story that made casino blackjack an adventure premise and MIT mathematics students swashbuckling heroes, this is the true story of the MIT team.

Starting with a group of intelligent mathematically inclined college students trained in the essentials of card counting and team play they managed to extract millions of dollars from casinos world wide.

Their fantastic circumstances and success also met with equally fantastic problems and counter strategies. A Man for All Markets: Edward Thorp In his new book, legendary card counter Edward O. Thorp will take you on a journey from casinos to Wall Street. One of the largest blackjack teams in America is made up entirely of Christians. Read the Dealer is concerned with basic strategy, statistics or any of the usual advanced player techniques.

Playing Blackjack as a Business. When it comes to professional blackjack, very few people know more that Stanford Wong. Stanford Wong is a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, and in Professional Blackjack he reveals a strategy that has made him a consistent winner at blackjack.

Radical Blackjack, by Arnold Snyder. In Radical Blackjack, Arnold Snyder shares some blackjack secrets for those who are willing to try a different approach to winning at Snyder has created some of the simplest card counting systems around, and in this book he will show you how to use these methods creatively for maximum profit!

Beat the Dealer is the book which started it all! Edward Thorpe is the father of card counting in blackjack. His theories about the game of blackjack have influenced every other author on the subject of card counting.

Playing 21 as a Martial Art, by Arnold Snyder. Blackbelt in Blackjack is another classic book from blackjack legend Arnold Snyder. This is the book in which Snyder details some of his simple, but powerful, card counting methods.

Those who are new to card counting or experienced counters who want to know more will love this book.

2. Blackjack for Blood by Bryce Carlson

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